Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thinking of

The young man we met at Delhi airport who was also en route to Leh to spend a week's vacation with family.  He was in 2nd year medical school then, so would have graduated that part by now and would have continued on with a speciality.

He wasn't interested in family practice but instead wanted to do something big, like work with Doctors without Borders in the Congo.  Well, a pandemic would qualify as something big.  He comes from priviledge (his words), so felt it was his duty to give back.  I often wonder how he is managing in his country where basic sanitation isn't a right and PPE in critically short supply.

And I worry about him, as many doctors, nurses, health care workers have continued to be targets of hate, getting stones thrown at them and or evicted; as their people are so gripped with fear, they forget that they are targeting the very ones who play a vital role in saving lives.

Those scenes unfortunately play out not only in India but in other countries like Mexico and even Singapore.  Complete contrast to the health care support I see and feel around me.  Humans can be such dangerous animals.


I'm gutted for the people of Brazil, especially the ones living in the favelas.  The conditions there can be so bad.  No running water, difficult for consistent hygiene.  People are starving as workers in the informal sector who depend on the beaches for daily income have not been able to work.  

Surprisingly the favela gangs have stepped up to enforce curfew and social distancing.  Hoping people are questioning the ridiculous the comments from their President.  Frightenly, those in the Amazonas state may still not be not aware enough of what's going on in the rest of world.  

A number of NGOs have thankfully stepped up delivering food (rice and beans) but the need is high.  Food insecurity and inequality are being highlighted to the world even stronger now, bringing light to what so many have known for years.  I've been made more acutely aware than ever of this real need in my own backyard.

Especially when seeing UPS, FedEx, Purolator delivery trucks go by daily, due to unprecedented online shopping demand.  Of which I am certainly very guilty of these last couple of months, along with the petty impatience with the delays which has been the "worst" thing that came along with it.  

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