Thursday, March 31, 2016


  • The last time I traveled with a laptop was 3 years ago.  Managed to completely forget it was in my backpack going through xray at the airport.  The people behind me gave me the "first time traveler looks and sighs". 
  • Over contributed to my RSP in error... So now I know all about those crazy forms you'll need to fill out just so that you can pay the interest from the time it all started to when it was withdrawn...
  • Ate too many potato chips of a new brand and flavor -- Something in it turned me into a freaky anxiety filled monster -- It was horrible.  Couldn't get it together.  Literally walking into walls.
  • Purchases a couple of items (2 different occasions) only because I thought they were on sale. First time, I read the wrong tag...Second time, a wrong tag was placed...The amount I "overpaid" wasn't enough to return but ironically occurred at the same store.
  • Managed to drop a skewer directly down the kitchen sink drain!  It's still there as our kitchen sink pipe does not have that bottom removable part (old house) -- How's that for technical?!
  • I followed it up with dropping a calligraphy nib down our powder room sink while cleaning it -- D salvaged this one using a magnet.

Fortunately life hasn't been completely out of whack.

  • I discovered winter trail hiking/running while out west this season and really took to it.  Loved being in elevation and outdoors.  The climbs were challenging especially after snowfall, but the light, silence and air made up for it.  
  • It was embarrassing to discover just how little ground I covered due to all the uphills when I thought and felt like I was working so very hard.  Seriously, I think I was the only one not wearing a coat.  D came out with me a couple of times and used some sort of tracking thing on his phone so that's how I know.  
  • A real positive that has come from it, is a commitment to work on cardio more. I'll need to if I want to do any type of multi day trekking in altitude.  It was just the push I needed.
  • The only cautions I would pass along are -- Should you also be doing this at a ski resort, remember that significant amounts of snow fall there and you could easily be waist deep in it if you venture off the path even a little (2 face plants first day) and even deeper should you fall into a tree well.  Plus there is that whole thing of potentially dying in one...
  • Bring a whistle, phone, snacks and extra grips for your shoes.  I'm actually considering a small collapsible shovel as well.  In my case, only saw 3 people in 9 days on the lessor used trails. Probably didn't help that I was out first thing in the mornings.

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