Thursday, November 12, 2015


Our original plan was to go on a fun celebratory trip post mortgage pay off.  Due to D starting a new job (unforeseen 6 months ago when this booking occurred), he will be too busy to get away.

Add to it a surgical procedure suddenly booked for the end this year (we've been waiting for 6 months for the specialist appointment) and it is definitely a no go, even if he never left his old position.  D's going in for hernia (day) surgery, likely a result of all of his sports activities over the years and will be out of service for at least 2 weeks.  Expect it to be straightforward.

Our fun trip was supposed to be a surf camp... We had already purchased new rash guards, suits etc. in preparation. 

To our complete surprise, Delta offered us a medical waiver (surgery date is day 2 of the trip), so that we are able to keep the full value of our tickets towards future flights!  I didn't know they would do this as in my mind, that's what travel insurance is for.  Boy was I thankful for their kind gesture.

The flight credit has to be used by next April.  Normally that isn't an issue except I have a number of things in place already for the spring.  So I am going to use it up before D's surgery date.  Can you believe it will be a relaxing trip finally??!!

Part of me feels like a bit of a "wimp" for not going for a bigger challenge, to really take advantage of the opportunity but the other more tired side is feeling less stress because I'm not.  I really don't need to be cramming a new language and culture right now.  Important to be gentle towards myself.  I've made good contacts though for when I'm ready to tackle it. 

If everything stays the course, I will end this work year having worked a week longer than last year with income matching last year's already with one more month to go.  Neat how that works out some years. 

There has been some quite advanced planning for 2016 because I am using points to go fairly far and you need to snag those flights as soon as they are released.  Right now I'm all set all the way to next September.

I have enough status with the airline such that  I could cancel or make changes without penalty up to 72 hours before.  I've made use of this a few times already to trade for better flight times.  It is a fabulous thing, but fairly dangerous for someone like me.

Am also building in more time up north over the summer and fall, as well as out west over the winter.  It's as balanced a year as I've ever had it.  We'll see how it ends up working out...

P.S.  Our great Delta travel credit card is now finished.  To our disappointment, we weren't credited with the prorated amount of our yearly fees, like other companies would do (think utility, cell phone etc.).  D called and was told that because we were beyond 6 months, we would not be receiving anything.  Not acceptable thought I, so I sent an email asking for their reconsideration and to our surprise, it was answered barely 2 hours later and we were credited! Well done Capitol One!

P.P.S.  The results of the election in Myanmar meant a lot to me as I can almost feel the elation of the people.  Everyone I spoke with held such high hopes for Aung San Suu Kyi to win and strong belief she will be able to put in place policies that will allow their country to prosper once again.  Let us hope there will not be any unreasonable blocks from the military.  The world is watching. 

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