Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Occupation Separation Segregation

I found it impossible to remain indifferent here.  
And difficult to speak or write without feeling strong anger and outrage.  
So for now I will leave you with some photos, a tiny glimpse of what I saw.
Plus a couple of resources should you wish to delve into this topic and region.


  1. I cant imagine how you even managed to get there. When my brother in law, the Palestinian OIl Minister died two years ago Fahed had to fly to Israel and get smuggled to Ramallah. I have never been so happy to see anyone as when he came back. Thank you for visiting them

  2. Oh Lizzie; I remember that time for you but obviously had No Idea what being in that region really meant and what having to deal with Israeli checks meant either.

    I really feel for what you went through. Cannot believe how brave Fahed was to go then.

    Never have I had to take such measures to "hide" the fact I was spending most of my time in Palestine. I shouldn't have to and that is just one aspect that angers me. In the end, a small price to pay because I'm so so glad I decided to go. The suffering that exists there needs to be known.

    I'm happy to say the city feels vibrant and easy to reach by Palestinian bus from Jerusalem. I enjoyed my short time in Ramallah. Felt very welcomed and the produce at the main market was gorgeous.