Sunday, March 29, 2015

March -- End

  • Guess what???  The money from the taxi company in Amsterdam came through yesterday!!!  My bank charged a fee to administer the transaction, so we ended up with about 56 CAD from 50 Euro but hey, we got the majority of it back.  Impressed with their integrity -- Staxi bv -- And have told them so in my follow up email.  I was torn as to whether to ask what happened with our driver.  In the end I didn't.  I hope it didn't cost his license.
  • I dropped D off at the airport a couple of days ago as he is spending 2 weeks out west working remote and trying out skiing for the first time since he hurt his back.  He has already gotten back on his bike with good results.  Fingers crossed the same will happen on skis.  (Update:  Day 1 skiing went great!  Sore legs but no issue with back!)
  • I was supposed to go for one of the weeks but something has come up with work and I need to be here.  This was supposed to be year I learn how to snowboard (4 day adult snowboarding camp) and will be the 3rd time I've had to change this poor flight.  Fortunate for me, Westjet only charges $75 each time.
  • It's interesting how different missing someone feels when you are the one "left behind" versus being the one doing the leaving and wishing they were there.  I find it harder. 
  • New office is starting to feel normal.  There may be a potential issue with parking.
  • My laptop is dying a slow death.  Now the touch pad is starting to malfunction on a semi-regular basis, requiring the use of a mouse.  Been slowly starting to look at a replacement but have been disappointed with what I've seen thus far.  I was hoping to find something new which weighed 50% less and costs $200 less...Not realistic...
  • D unfortunately couldn't save his iPod with a new battery. 
  • Saw this documentary recently -- Stunning scenery, captured my attention right from the start.
  • Managed to score a good deal on a new pair of winter boots to replace my current pair that has developed an irritating problem.   I don't know about you, but trying to find something that can seriously function in cold weather but doesn't look like I am planning to travel to the moon has been challenging.  Ditto with respect to sandals I can wear with a skirt but also walk/lightly hike in all day.  
  • Congratulations to those who recognized the iconic skyline from my last post.  I had been wanting to see the HSBC building ever since it graced the cover of Architectural Digest back when I was in high school.  Yes, it has taken a few decades but I still remember the day when my architectural drafting teacher brought the issue to class.  By the way, I was not at all impressed with the nightly light show.  Left after barely a few minutes.


  1. Caught the same documentary a few nights ago on Netflix. Interesting facts comparing K2 to Everest. Is it on your 'bucket' list?

    1. I try and imagine what it would feel like to be so skilled, fit, strong enough mentally/emotionally to be able to participate in such an expedition and I can't. The extent of my climbing experience has solely been in a climbing gym.

      I've wanted to go to Pakistan ever since I saw my first pictures of it and surrounding mountain areas but D would have a lot of strong things to say against it, especially now.

      So, I'll settle for the replication of the road journey and trek to get to the trail head of K2 and a helicopter ride in the region when things settle down enough, assuming the set up was there for "regular" people like me and if I could afford it!

      By the way, did you end up heading down under to visit your daughter as well as to SA (Ecuador/Guatemala?) to trek? I remember you sending me a link to a company there.

  2. I have been wearing Finn Comfort sandals the past five years. They were almost $300 CDN, but have held up really well. I had a custom orthotic in the removable footbed for about three years, but then switched to the insole that came with the sandals, and they are still comfortable!

    1. Thanks so much for your endorsement -- I really appreciate it -- Will check them out for next time!

      Ended up going with a Teva wedge sandal (last year's version as well as its lower cousin). The combo of the 2 should keep me out of trouble... : )

      ps. Congrats of the mortgage milestone!!!