Sunday, January 25, 2015

Some Magic For You

More on where these were taken (not by me) and trip later.


  1. So you finally got to see the Northern Lights! I've only seen them once in my life, way back in the 90's. The odd thing is that I wasn't that far north when I saw them, which means it was even more rare and I was really fortunate to be traveling at night out in the country and notice it when it happened. Sadly, I had no camera at the time, although I still remember it quite well. Very nice pictures!

    1. Yes I finally saw the big bright light show! Surprisingly, it wasn't the most memorable aspect of the trip. It was the fantastic people I met.

      I learned that when there is a minimum G3 storm, the auroral oval extends way south to our latitudes and they don't get to see anything up north at all, so indeed you were very fortunate.