Friday, October 24, 2014


Had no idea how many varieties of dates there were.
Am personally not a fan (reminds me too much of giant Brazilian cockroaches).

First of many construction sites.

Couldn't keep my eyes off those workers.  The sun was searing.
Thought I'd be prepared with all the hot weather travel I've done this year,
but was burnt in the first hour.  Could not walk even a hour outside.  Had to take metro.
Contrast that with Bangkok where we walked for hours in temperatures that 
were in the high 40s C.  When here, temps were in the high 30s.

Burj Khalifa
Tallest building in the world.

Neat art installation, Dubai Mall -- Largest mall in the world.
Am not much for shopper any more but wanted to get a sense of its scale.

Beautiful metro stations.

Most city bus stops are enclosed and air conditioned.

First sights of the abras.

On my way to Abu Dhabi.

Chicken is most popular meat.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Got off at the wrong bus stop and ended up having to walk all 
the way around to the main entrance.

Trying to show scale between the abra and the dhows behind.

These dhows carry goods to Iran, Somalia, Pakistan, India.  
Everything is moved by hand.

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