Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aug Update

  • A girl I went to school with has been diagnosed with colon cancer.  You'd never know from looking at her because she runs and is vibrant.  They have operated and after a course of chemo, have told her to go home and enjoy her time...  She isn't taking it laying down.  I don't know where she finds it in her to do all the things she is doing and participate in a public campaign to bring awareness to others who are also suffering.  I don't know that I would have the strength and drive. My heart just breaks for her. 
  • We had a freak storm in our cottage area that created a significant flood.  Water from 2 nearby streams overflowed its banks and entered the crawlspace.  Not enough to reach the ceiling of it, but enough to submerge our water pump.  When we flicked on the breaker, nothing happened.  Called the plumber who told D that we have a 50:50 chance it will come back once it has had a chance to dry up -- a couple of weeks.  Fingers crossed.  For them to install a new one will be around $800.  D is reading up on how to DIY.  So it was a quick up and down for us, after packing for what was to be 4 day stay.  We could have stayed and used stream water for the toilet and municipal water for everything else but opted to come home as there was work we wanted to do.
  • Got our chimney assessed and apparently there is a problem with the cap and flashing.  The fellow we need now is a mason, who may not have room to fit us in this year.  
  • We have started having no drive weekends and are enjoying it very much.
  • This has been an unusually cool summer.  We like it because it has been great to use minimal AC but anyone I know with pools haven't been.
  • I am looking forward to the day when practicing violin isn't accompanied with clenched teeth!
  • Since I've publicly declared that I had no idea what to do with next year, ideas have been rushing in.  Will have to remember that trick for next time.  I live too much in my head.
  • I've gone mad and have ramped up the rest of the year's travel plans to crazy levels.  Try not to judge me too harshly...
  • Continuing with the water theme, we will have an opportunity to see what monsoon season is like shortly.  Will report back.

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