Thursday, July 17, 2014


This picture doesn't look real.
Think it has something to do with the heat.

Sand Storm!
Had my head covered, with sunglasses but that still wasn't enough.


My ride.  He was so gentle.
The camel has superseded the donkey as my favorite animal.

I cannot even begin to describe the quality of the silence.
It was stunningly peaceful.


...In Trees...extremely thorny Argan Trees

Shepherd of all those goats

So nice to spend time by the coast

Fishing port

The smell...

Women's cooperative Argan oil.
When I learned about how small the nut was and
how much work went into extracting the oil,
understood why my small bottle in Canada would cost $45.

Missing all the noise and hustle and bustle

Animal market

Could not get over how trucks are loaded.
Scary on the highways.

God, Nation, King

Hurray to all those who guessed Morocco!


  1. I wanted to write Morocco at the last post but I forgot. The food must have been amazing :-)

    1. I did enjoy the food -- Mostly the beef tagine and tagine kefta. In the interior and smaller villages, those were often the only dishes available. Cous cous wasn't as widely found like I had imagined. They make it by hand so it could be that. The bread and fruit were super! After the second week though, I was craving salty french fries!

    2. Can't believe I forgot to mention Harira soup (served with hard boiled eggs and dates) for breakfast! Delicious, even for someone who normally stays away from coriander.