Thursday, May 15, 2014

Long Weekend!!!

I cannot remember as an adult, the last time I have been so excited for a long weekend.  Don't care if it continues to rain or not -- I own serious rain gear.  I'm just so happy for some quiet time!

Been extra busy at work, putting in more hours (by choice).  And of course in the background hours, continuing to do what I usually do, which is learning and researching for what is to come.  I asked D if he thought I had gotten "better" with not overdoing it?

He said I've been "this way" for as long as he has known me.  So I'll take it as a "no", even though I feel I have more balance than prior years.  I feel I know when to stop earlier.

A big part of my recent learning involves a potential international volunteer placement, in my field.  The opportunity came out of the blue, as most things for me tend to be.  I'm excited but extremely intimidated as it would just be two of us managing things for 2 locations over a course of  4- 6 weeks minimum.

I haven't said yes or no.  It's not for this year.  I'm mulling it over.  My gut says go for it.  Here's the challenge you've been looking for.  You'll figure it out.  My mind is saying read up on the region, get all the info you can, talk to others who have done it first...

It continues to be a year of firsts.  I have recently been talked into accepting a place on a team with Habitat on one of their global builds.  Back before Christmas, I had sent an email out to a team leader about getting some info about what it's like on a build.

We ended up hitting it off and have continued to keep in touch.  In fact, he and his wife live not far from our cottage.  It was his enthusiasm that won me over, making me want to know what is it about this organization that garners such loyalty among its hands on supporters.

One of the projects D and I want to do in Cambodia involves building a house for a family.  It can be done for around 2500USD and we would be able to participate in the building.

So in my mind, wasn't going to consider a Habitat build after returning from Cambodia, as it costs almost double the price, just so I could get my hands dirty for a few days.  And because I don't need to go this route as a reason to travel.  Plus I had reservations about how I'd manage in a small group environment etc.

Suffice it to say, all my questions were answered and concerns addressed, enough to convince me to give it a go, once.  And I might as well be part of a team led by someone I like and trust.

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