Thursday, April 24, 2014

First Day

I arrived near midnight and after managing to pick the very slowest line for passport control known
to man, finally made it to my hotel, thanks to my non English speaking driver. 
Here's what I awoke to a few hours later. 
Taken from balcony of the "honeymoon suite" I was upgraded to (first 3 pictures).


What you don't hear is the loud, loud nationalistic music blasting from public speakers
at 6:30 am and 4:30 pm everyday.  Followed by approx. 30 min of news -- Censored of course.
I was 7 storeys up with closed windows and balcony door and it still woke me up, every day.

I got such a kick out of seeing all the crazy electrical line set ups.
Watching a worker try to add yet another line was even more amusing.
I was prepared to do emergency CPR.

The sound pollution is incredible and relentless.
When I returned home, my ears were ringing from the silence (damage?).

Don't let the pictures fool you.
It was near 40 C with what felt like 100% humidity.
My day timer and journal got all warped despite being in air conditioning.
They have not recovered.

University grads ready to take on the world, posing for pictures.
I went on to spend about half my time with 3rd year students.

I discovered that I indeed possess an "Asian gear" that allowed me to thrust
myself into oncoming traffic from all directions without fear. 
Very handy here, in the land of 99% absent traffic lights.
I had been told that traffic in Phnom Penh was child's play compared to here.
They were absolutely correct.

Location of first lunch recommendation.
Owned and run by the same family for decades.

Located in a small alleyway, with only one medium length picnic style table.

Kitchen prep area.

Cooking area.

Food was good.
Though it initiated the first of about 3 days of zero sleep,
courtesy of msg.
I'm still recovering from the lag.

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