Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Lost Photos

Finally emptied out the random collection of photos from my phone. 

Nice, France the day after a record breaking rain storm
shut down the airport.

First time connecting at Incheon Airport (Seoul).
Efficient, really liked it there, as well as flying Korean Air.
Was disorienting being back on the return trip
having just come from Cambodia and seeing the long line up
of people outside Louis Vuitton...

Scene from long bus ride in Cambodia.

Great reminder why face masks and sunglasses are necessary.
We were barely moving.  And if you are travelling by tuk tuk, you'll be covered
in dust by the end of the journey.  The end of day shower never felt so good. 

Snow bank!!!  Taken 2 weekends ago...
A lot has melted since.

Frozen great lake.

Personally wouldn't tempt fate by walking all the way out there...

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