Sunday, January 5, 2014


I don't have any particularly in-depth year end reviews to share.  It kind of came and went like most days the only difference being we were in another country.  Guess that might mean the gap between the life I'm living and where I would like to be is getting smaller.

Overall I am pleased with 2013 and how it turned out.  I ended my 3rd year of part time work focused, satisfied and strong.  My health and vitality have been predominantly high.  It was no coincidence I ended up with a cold right at the end of our trips to Munich and Nice when I hadn't been sick all year.

Food plays a much larger role in my immunity than I would have ever thought and I need to respect it or pay the price (don't do even a little bit of sick well), even though it might not seem "fair" that my tolerances can be so slim anymore.  Will tighten things up further the next I return as feeling great outweighs a lot of deliciously tasting things. 

I have 2 main goals for 2014:

To get physically stronger (i.e. number of pull ups etc. I can do) while maintaining my current level of body fat -- 19%.

To stop myself from revving so high mentally and emotionally.  I can function under an incredible level of stress/pressure for hours, days, weeks, months and have done so for years but it isn't healthy.  Force stopping hasn't been my style.  I'm known to be relentless with myself and my pursuits. 

Now that I am paying focused attention, I am finding that it happens multiple times in a day and I don't want it to anymore.  There are no real "fires" anymore and no real need for such ongoing urgent/critical intensity.  Believe it or not, it occurs most when I'm not at work as I'm "attacking" the planning part of the rest of my life (organization of home, health, finances, travel etc.) with too much gusto.

Staying at the 5000 vs 8000+ rpm range makes me feel "lazy" but I'm working on proving to myself I can still be ultra productive without burning my nervous system out.  It just isn't worth it.  I want to live long and be able to continue enjoying the fruits of all this planning.

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