Monday, January 27, 2014

Moving On

I don't have all the details but the real estate deal for my office building fell through.  We are planning to still move ahead with researching alternatives because sooner or later it will happen.  I'd rather us make a move on our terms and timing. 

The garage door opener got stuck again but D is confident he has figured out what was going on this time.  Our door is heavy because it is made of wood and I feel the opener is underpowered so hopefully it will hang on till the spring because I cannot imagine anyone wanting to do a replacement in our current temperatures. 

Had to take a break from travel preparations as I finally hit a ceiling with all the details I have been trying to absorb.  So the weekend was pleasantly spent tucked away at home due to snow storms.  There are still outstanding news I'm waiting for but I'm slowly learning that seems to be the norm. 

One of the things I've cancelled is my intercity flight after finding out the professionally advertised 5 flights a day don't actually run 80 - 90% of the time.  Not good when someone is expecting to be meeting me bright and early the next morning.  I found that out through scouting the daily departure charts of the airports. 

Road travel is long due to poor conditions.  I'm still trying to get my head around needing over 7 hours to travel 320 km.  It's the same distance from our home to the cottage and we can do it in just over 3 hours on a "good" traffic night. 

Then there is the issue of no mandatory driving licences or education, drunk driving, reports of 40 people dying on one day due to separate traffic accidents etc.  There doesn't seem to be a middle ground with reviews of the various companies.  Either it is awesome (lucky?) or complete disaster or heart attack worthy.  And online booking systems are not reliable. 

I'll have to sort it out once I arrive.  And yes, I have figured out my travel medical insurance...

D's biggest worry (outside of me and my trip) on his trip (we fly out on the same day) is falling in love and wanting us to move to Revelstoke...

Finally, a link to a couple of touching videos...

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