Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Welcome To Canada

Even I thought this was a bit too much to wake up to...
We were all laughing in disbelief and grimacing at the impending amount of work.
The snow unfortunately wasn't light and fluffy but instead packed some weight.
We have the largest snow blower on the block and the amounts almost overwhelmed it.
This morning the plows came by and the overflow made our sidewalks knee deep.
Oh Canada...

That lump is our BBQ.

As seen from inside the garage.

There are 2 steps that lead up to our side deck.

Snow changes depth and distance perception.  So does sand, I guess.
There's at least 8 feet between the car and the red brick house.


  1. My back hurts just from thinking of all that shoveling...

    1. Got another foot+ today. Between it and work, I've seen my massage therapist twice this month. So thankful D is strong.

  2. I'd rather be sailingDecember 16, 2013 at 7:53 PM

    And to think this morning when I left it was 30 degree C. When I arrived home it was -5 C and snow... not as much as you have but still a significant amount. Go away for a sailing adventure and look what happens. I still love the winter and the snow. It makes June through Sept special.. and to think there are many in the world who have never seen but would love to see it, touch it and play in it. Now to find where I left those snowshoes and downhill skiis.

    1. Welcome Home!!! Where did your sailing adventure take place? It is shaping out to be an epic snow/ski season out west so far. Hope you find those shoes & skiis soon. We are working on squeezing in a quick ski trip as I type.

  3. I'd rather be sailingDecember 17, 2013 at 5:10 PM

    Thanks. Bucket list item! Flew to the Canary Islands and jumped aboard a brand new 57' Jeanneau sailboat (with 5 others) and delivered it across the Atlantic to the Carribean where it is now in the charter fleet. 21 days, 3045 nautical miles... a great adventure had by all! Now back to reality... found the shoes and been snowshoeing with the dogs - awesome fun: hope to hit the slopes at Blue in Collingwood later this week... not out west but we work with what we have. Envious of you and D enjoying all that festive spirit that Europe offers at this time of year. Enjoy...

    1. Envious of Us??!! There's nothing special about what we do -- Nothing that some willingness, desire and a credit card can't make happen. Whereas your recent adventure requires some real skill -- Not something we could just sign up for even if we really really wanted to. I think the envy is really flowing from us!

      Did you encounter any challenging conditions in your crossing? Friends of ours (a couple) have done it twice and the wife of the team have vowed to never do it ever again after having to batten down the hatches for 7 days mid Atlantic. And she is one tough cookie too, having worked on oil rigs etc.

      By the way, D wanted to me to put it out there for him that should you ever need a 7th hardworking, good natured but inexperience guy, he's your man!

      Our cottage is closer to Horseshoe and Mt St Louis so we find ourselves there more often than Blue. I'm so happy for our local resorts this season. After a difficult last season, they should see some strong business this year.