Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good to be Back

Now that we've had a good 4 nights in a row of restorative sleep (8 - 9 hours), life is back to our normal and welcomed clip.  I missed working out last week and am slowly catching up to the rowing machine computer racer again.

Classes (art and hopefully dance) are starting up.  D has signed up for music lessons (classical guitar).  I can hardly believe it.  He doesn't have a musical background but has always wanted to learn.   It will be dueling string instrument practice sessions in our house shortly.

Fall is also the time I start arranging my work/life spreadsheet for the following year.  I like to know how many working days I have each month before I inject trips.  My travel budget next year is slimmer due to my "borrowing" from it this year in order to add northern Norway last minute.

It's always a tug of war between "old favourites" and the "exciting new spots" tempered by time at work.  When you work part time, I do find I need to watch it as time off represents a larger percentage.  Not complaining here, just wanting to make sure I can still do my job properly.

In order to fit everywhere on my list in, I am considering travelling during my Christmas holidays this year.  I know I'm signing up for a complete gong show at the airport but I just stumbled upon a good enough "deal" that I may not be able to refrain from. 

Man, it's good to be back.   

What you'll see while waiting in the line for the funicular back down to central Bergen.  The model trains move to show the actual positions.  An elderly lady behind me got my attention by touching my hair (another first).  She didn't speak much English and just wanted to comment on how dark my hair was compared to her complete white and that her hair was dark once.  Ended up having a great conversation with her husband.  The were from Ankara Turkey and was on the 3rd week of an European tour, covering most of Scandinavia (how jealous was I!).  We discussed the recent demonstrations in Istanbul and he helped me understand why.  Such a gentle couple.  He was happy to hear how fondly I thought of his country and encouraged me to go to his home city.


  1. Nice that you are both taking this opportunity to get into music in your own way. You gave me a good idea when you spoke of making your plan for next year. It is not too early to get to that. thanks.

    1. Hi Kelly!

      His first lesson is tomorrow so I'm excited to see how he responds to formal music instruction. He never had the opportunity growing up.

      I like seeing how the calendar year is laid out/flows. Enough to be looking for day timers in the middle of summer! You can usually start finding them by the end of July -- Yes, that's how crazy I am!

      To my defense, enticing seat sales start at the end of Aug/early Sept (Air France and KLM have theirs on right now till Sept 17th...) and will allow you to travel up to May/June 2014 so from a budgeting and goals perspective, I can plan better if I know what next year looks like.

      Hope that works for you too!