Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Life continues no matter what you may have running in the background.  We still need to cook and clean and garage doors and windows still don't paint themselves.

We got our property evaluation reassessment back for the cottage and our assessment has been lowered by 9K.  Not a huge amount but now we are more in line with other neighbours' and it's effect is a tiny decrease in our property tax. 

Our main house application was victim to a computer error (the updated measurements I sent via their secured form didn't get to her) so the frustration I experienced with our area adjudicator (and vice versa I'm sure) was finally relieved once we realized what had happened.  We've ironed it out and are on the same page now.  Except I'll have to wait until next year to try again, if we are still around.

I have an interested buyer for my office.  We are meeting next week to discuss details.  Before you get all excited for me, the amount won't be enough to retire on!  Asset evaluations are usually based on a percentage of gross income.  It was nice to go through the math and see that my work over the last few years since moving out on my own will pay off.

A recent posting has come up for D (out west).  It is with his current company, a higher level position and they are looking to hire from "outside", meaning not locally as they have been trying for while to find someone.  He has inquired about it and has since applied.  It will mostly likely not pay as much as the contract ones but would mean maintaining current benefits and pension.  Could potentially be a good compromise?  Not sure but we can't believe the timing! 

On the domestic work front, D got approved to able to work from home 2 days a week again (aiming to go back to 3 in time) and has appreciated the arrangement much more this time around.  He has found it less enjoyable working amongst his peers than he remembered as they apparently complain too much, seem very stuck in their lives, not willing to make any changes and insists his "better" life came about because he was "lucky" as if we didn't have to work at it...To which he tells them they only have to meet me and will quickly realize that is totally not true...

I'm still going through "light interviews" with a few offices.  Have decided not to add any more into the mix as I'm getting mentally tired.  I know I've been coming across a lot more non committal than usual with respect to my talks.  I can imagine them thinking "Does she want the job or not?".  Mainly because we haven't answered the most important question yet -- Can we say "Yes" to this move? 

It's probably frustrating for them to be dealing with someone out of province.  So I've been sensitive with not taking up more of their time than is necessary for me to gage simple possibilities at this point (got 2 verbal offers, working on the 3rd).  And I've been upfront with our situation.

For the most part, other than the occasional "Why would you even want to move?" when they find out what we are considering giving up, people have been more than generous with us.  It is a big decision.  I feel they are taking us seriously because we have shown sufficient initiative and intention. 

It would be different if we came across all wishy washy.  One of D's interviewers asked him whether he was planning to make the decision to move there based on what he saw in the 4 days?  When he said no, it is just a start, she was relieved and told him she'd be concerned if he had said yes because at this stage of his life, she'd expect some more thought and process than that.  She'd also expect that he would have sufficient assets to liquidate (if he was as "successful" as she'd expect) and would require time to do so.  And that it wouldn't be a quick thing for me to wrap up my career either.  Smart lady.

Ironically the few friends who know about these adventures are either in the "What are you waiting for?" camp or the "You aren't going to give All This Up, are you??" one.  

The first group of people are the active friends who have made similar moves already and tell us we'll be wondering in 3 months why we waited so long to move in the first place.  The other group don't see themselves ever moving regardless of how they may feel about their life and if they had our life, they would never think of giving it up.  They feel we'd be "trading down" because we wouldn't be living in a home that was as big etc. etc.  It's been amusing seeing our scenario reflected back with their values. 

It isn't mandatory I have a placement before making the decision to move.  Thank goodness for that because it would be too much pressure (I would have exams to write and the application itself is tedious).  As long as D has, that's fine for now.  I'm also not ruling out the possibility of going back to school to train for something entirely different.  When we return, I'm planning on taking a tour of area educational facilities.  Or maybe this would be a great time for me to finally take a year off!  I told D that I might just take to being a stay at home wife.  To which he replied "Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts...".

Yes we are returning.  Made a few changes to free up a week.  It will represent our last effort this year with respect to time and budget to pursue this avenue.  None of this had been budgeted for in the first place so we'll need to make up the expenditure by year end.  Should we require yet more time there, it will have to wait until next year.  Neither of us are willing to change/give up anything else (upcoming trips) this year to make it happen.  Remember this isn't a mandatory exercise.

Should the decision be positive, then that will be different.  The big real estate sale will begin, hopefully timed to take advantage of the "fall market". 

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