Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On Staying Calm

While unexpected big things have the potential to stop me in my tracks, many little things can add up to create enough irritation to make me want to blow up.  I call myself "Middle Way" not because I am, but because I would like to be.

D has a great attitude when it comes to the little things.  He likes to remind me in the big scheme of things, I win more than I lose. Very true but easy sometimes to lose sight of it. 

That was the mantra I repeated in my head when I found myself at the gate agent ready to board my flight and then was told I was at the wrong gate...there was a last minute gate change I did not know about but my big error was I forgot which city I was flying to so I was looking at the wrong city on the departure screens. 

And this happened on the way home too...It was the second time I've ever taken a flight where I connected in Canada before arriving to Europe (and home) so all I was thinking about was my destination city in Europe, not Canada...And the curious thing was in both cases, the flight times were similar if not identical.

Talk about being set in your ways...Seriously, I had to ask myself, is this your first time at an airport Missy?!

When I got to the correct gate, boarding was almost over.  Thank goodness I was in the right terminal or else my error would have meant many thousands of dollars in last minute flights (assuming there were seats left), copious amounts of internal swearing as well as a head explosion.  Thank goodness I did not have checked luggage. 

And to think I was relaxed going into this trip too.  Wasn't rushed, had a great dinner in T1 at Pearson (Mill Street Brewery Restaurant -- Their dinner sized spinach salad with fresh strawberries, candied pecans, balsamic shrimp and optional calamari was excellent and very filling), time to wander around, had good energy and then boom!

***Special shout outs to Lizzie who I silently waved to as I passed Winchester on the M3 and to Northern Living Allowance whose ears might have been burning while I was going through her soon to be home city -- (You are so going to have a great life there.  Had no idea how many parks and green spaces there was.  Wanted to have a drink at "The Cowherds" because the name made me laugh, but didn't have enough time.)***

Wouldn't this make a great kid's play set?


  1. Ha ha, thats great. You were less than 1//4 mile form my house! But who comes to Southampton for a holiday??? Winchester is beautiful though. It is many years since I went to The Cowherds but I would say I dont think you missed much!

    1. Phew! I'm glad to hear I didn't miss out on a life changing moment... :)

      Southampton wasn't my final destination. I was there to catch a ride on a ship...