Sunday, June 2, 2013

Slow Down

I'm having one of those weeks where I keep thinking it is a week later than it really is.  Yup -- I know what you're thinking -- Present much??!!  So I'm feeling more rushed than necessary.

I was on hold with Banana Republic and a very friendly gentleman is helping me sort out why my return hadn't posted yet.  I know it got there because the package had been tracked.  I'm thinking it has been 2 weeks since they received it when lo and behold, it has barely been a week and it takes them 5 business days to post and up to another 5 days to refund. 

Talk about feeling stupid.  He was ultra generous with me though and apologized for it taking so long...which made me feel even more silly but at least we laughed about it.  Hope he did not think I was some crazy woman who has nothing better to do at home than online shop, return things and then call and harass companies.

For the record, it was my first time ordering online with them.  They have it down to a science.  You even get a return label right away.  And if your package comes in a recyclable bag, you can just reuse the bag for the return because they designed it that way.  Impressive.

It's great if you know your size as the online store is a different entity from the store.  You cannot get the full collection and order by style names as easily.  That's what tripped me up.  He even apologized for that when it was my error!  What a guy.

Before that I was on the phone with my cell phone provider to ask questions about my first bill since switching phones.  I noticed a line item on the bill that didn't make sense. 

By the way, it is a good idea not to turn in your old phone for money because should something happen with your new one, you will have to pay through the nose ($730 + tax for mine) to buy one outright with no contract. 

Whereas if you still have another smart/super phone lying around, they will just charge you a small fee ($21 + tax) to transfer your account over.  I had originally decided to give them my phone (they offered me $40) until I smartened up. 

I also declined their hazard insurance.  Something about $69 upfront and $10 or so monthly for 3 years so that should I drop my phone and crack the glass, I'll get a new phone or a stand in for either free or for a significantly reduced price?!  She lost me after the first 10 seconds. 

Whatever happened to just being careful about your possessions?  Why is it "acceptable" or "funny" or "laughable" when something breaks due to preventable clumsiness?  I didn't grow up in a environment where that was acceptable.  There were major consequences for irresponsibility.  You wouldn't think so at the cellular store.  They make it sound like it is to be expected so you might as well buy some insurance.

Finally we just found out from our neighbour the property valuation people could do their assessment without having to do a full interior inspection!  I had just sent an email back saying forget it -- Neither of us are willing to take time off work for it.  That I thought based on the facts we sent, they were able to figure it out.

So now I'm mad and have sent another email requesting the same courtesy and a re-open of our file. 

And finally, finally -- Went with another couple to a well known Japanese restaurant for dinner on Friday and found out it was under new ownership.  I had been going there for well over 10 years and was really looking forward to a great experience. 

What a disappointment.  It felt worse because I had been telling our friends what to expect and we got none of it.  The slashes to the menu were extreme while the prices had gone up.  In addition, having a new server who didn't know how things worked made for a less than relaxing end of the week.  Being offered miso soup at the end of the meal?!

I realize the new owners have every right to do whatever they want but a bit of warning will go a long way to remedy the shock to long time customers.  As for this one, there's no reason why I would ever return. 

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