Wednesday, June 12, 2013


It doesn't take much for me to feel appreciated.  A small gesture, a smile, a heartfelt "Thank You", a good hug. 

D started his new position at a great time because he got to experience employee appreciation day with a different division.  It turned out to be a full on all week affair!

There were catered lunches for 3 days at different nearby restaurants, an ice cream truck one afternoon, then small ipod speakers and finally a gift card of your choice.  He opted for Home Depot since we have work at the cottage this summer that will require supplies. 

I told D I want to work there!  The bubble popped when he reminded me that would mean full time hours...Nope, not going there.  Plus there is the small issue of not being qualified...

We couldn't believe how different this new department is compared to where he was.   Work has been busier for him.  And commuting again has been an eye opener.  He had gotten more used to working from home and the time saved from not driving than he thought.  I've had to readjust the budget for increased gas consumption.

So D has a week of MW appreciation planned for when I come back from my next trip.  I'm excited!  The last time someone did something like that for me at work was admittedly 12- 14 years ago and it wasn't a whole week. 

When I first started working at the one office, I got surprise flowers one year, a bottle of Grand Marnier another and a cheese cake sent from a renowned cheese cake place in NYC for my 3rd year.

I still remember coming out of a room to find this styrofoam cooler with dry ice stuff puffing out when I opened the lid.  I thought someone had sent me frozen fish (happened before)!  Happily it was something much richer and yummier.

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