Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Views From the Water -- Late Afternoon

Can you see where the helipad is?

That's it for iceberg pictures. 
It was hard choosing from the hundreds I took.
And I still haven't finished sorting the Iceland ones either.
D told me I set a new record this trip for number of travel photos. 


  1. I've noticed that the quality of your pictures is much better than previous trips. Did you get a new camera? Or are you just uploading higher resolution pictures?

  2. As usual, your level of perception surprises me.

    No new camera. Still using D's almost 3 year old Nikon Coolpix. Don't know off hand which model but it was in the $300 range. He shrinks them about 70% before sending them to me so I don't spend all day uploading or emailing them.

    There are 4 noticeable scratches on the lens from sand and other things blowing into and hitting it (Berlin). The aperture isn't opening fully consistently so we'll likely be looking for a new camera in the near future. Will check if it is reasonable to fix first but am thinking it may be one of those things that will end up costing more.

    You touched on a point I will comment about in a future post so don't get all CIA on me, in case you have the ability to break down and analyze photos too.... :)