Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Neighbours As Seen and Heard From Land

 As seen from my hotel window

Yes, folks, this is Greenland.
For those who haven't been following the comments,
location 1 was correctly identified as Reykjavik, Iceland.


  1. So Greenland. One of my multiple guess'. Do I get a runner up prize? Beautiful photos... as usual. To think you may be one of those fortunate few to see the island before the ice cap melts... Looking forward to your written expose of your trip; sights, sounds and reasons for choosing this locale and... your comparisons with your prior trip to Iceland.

    Trusting you and D are enjoying this wonderful Easter weekend!

  2. I know just the prize I would give too..."Laki" (named after the volcano) cookies (too plain a word for them...part macaroon, part chocolate mousse, totally delicious, bought some the morning of my flight to eat on the plane!) from the Volcano House in Reykjavik -- I'm still craving them big time.

    Lots of thoughts to share soon. You might get tired of me droning on an on about it. Organizing the pictures has been more work than expected.

    We couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend. Happy Easter To You.

  3. Oh wow. My guess went to Iceland, all over Scandinavia and brushed over the top right of Canada. Hoe did i miss somewhere as huge as Greenland???

  4. Aren't you in Crete still? Pretty much the opposite of Greenland! You got one of the countries right. I think Greenland is just one of those lessor populated places that people don't zone in on regularly. Plus I made sure I didn't show an iceberg as that would have given it away.