Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm Back

It was a good thing I didn't decide to travel this week instead.  The flight from location 2  to 1 yesterday was delayed by almost 4 hours.

Our eyes were opened to another world during this trip.  To a world of survival, rawness and of having some serious skills. The extreme weather didn't manifest but what I did experienced was enough of a taste to garner an awe inspiring amount of respect for the people.  It made me want to go back, with more preparation, to test myself.

Despite locations 1 & 2 being fairly close in distance, it only took 4 days away at 2 to make my return to 1 (a distinctive place in its own right, and a favourite) feel foreign and removed. 

Some early shots of location 1. 

driving up and along glacial tongue

view from apartment

If it looks like we are in the river, it is because we were. 
Taken from vehicle (not driven by us).  First of many crossings.


  1. OK... I'm stumped... My guesses are either Iceland, Greenland or Norway. Beautiful pics by the way.

  2. Thanks for playing! It shall reveal itself shortly... :)

  3. Well...according to maritime connector, the Helga Maria is currently just south of Iceland. But I don't know how many days ago the picture was taken..

  4. Oh You! And to think I actually googled her name and came up with nothing before posting the picture too.

    The picture was taken 6 days ago.

  5. I am relatively certain the Helga Maria was docked in Reykjavik between 3/18 and 3/23, which would encompass the specified picture time.

  6. Yes she was, smarty pants! Well done S.B. Reykjavik was our home base this trip.

    @ I'd rather be sailing; Your observations are spot on. You correctly guessed the 2 countries.