Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Updating Stuff

I've started the somewhat long and tedious process of updating credit card information all over the place.  You don't realize the extent of it until you start doing it.  There's Paypal, cell phone, parking, airlines, utilities, banks, office supply places etc etc. 

This does happen once every few years with the expiration of cards but this time it is because we are registering a new card altogether.  D has finally managed to talk me into paying for a credit card, one where we will earn direct Skymiles.  He has calculated based on our spending patterns, even with a yearly fee, we ought to be able to earn a free flight to Europe yearly. 

I've been pushing back on this idea for the last couple of years because I had just gotten away from credit cards I paid for and was enjoying free cards and free stuff (mainly gas cards) that came from said free cards. 

The one Visa we use isn't really a free card ($145/yr) but I get it for free because I have my business accounts with that particular bank.  It is the one that provides us with travel insurance.  This new one has travel insurance too but with slightly different coverage amounts.  We are also covered under D's health care plan. 

Another thing we have done this year is up our life insurance, not by much (not entirely convinced it was necessary), but enough to warrant a few pages of insurance questions.  Not having filled out stuff like this for over a decade, I was surprised to read the type of questions being asked (are you planning to learn to fly a plane, do your engage in any extreme sports etc).  They seem more appropriate for travel coverage whereas I remember life insurance questions to be pretty much all health related. 

After 5 yr of forgetting about it, D and I finally remembered to request our credit reports.  We've always used Equifax whereas D decided to try out TransUnion this time.  One word about the TransUnion report -- Confusing!!!  My opinion, it gives too much outdated and unnecessary info.  Who cares where D lived when he was a kid and what accounts he had closed back then? 

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