Friday, February 8, 2013


The first couple of shovel fulls usually tell me what I'm in for.  Back from shovelling the 1+ foot of snow we got overnight (love it when there are drifts).  And it wasn't the dry light stuff but what I would consider moderately wet and heavy.  Not quite "heart attack" snow but much closer to it than powder. 

Because I didn't want to fiddle with getting snow blower going, I did it old school with my handy shovel, my preference anyways.  Our driveway can fit 6 cars, is double width but our attached garage is only a 1 1/2 car width. 

Despite us really really wanting a 2 car garage, our house is the only old house in the neighbourhood that has an attached garage as an addition, so cannot complain.  I like being able to go from the house directly to it as well as go from it to the basement. There are also stairs going to the attic of the garage which serves as storage. 

So part way through shovelling, I would need to move D's car down so I can get the top part of the driveway cleared properly.  If I'm organized, I would have cleared the snow from his car first before shovelling around.  Wasn't that organized this morning.  I started at 7 am and it took me a solid hour to do the driveway, walkway, deck and sidewalk (only one shovel width) for a 1/2 acre corner lot.  It was good exercise.

Where is D you ask?  He's out west this week working and skiing and sent these pictures of his snow action.  Apparently it was a powder day yesterday and he over did it.  Yup, feeling pretty sympathetic right now...


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