Sunday, January 27, 2013

Capital Expenditures 2013

We have a couple of housing related costs set for 2013.  The big one will be our home roof replacement.  D got a couple of quotes last year and has since firmed up with the one.  It is with a different company than the one who did the sun room roof last year. 

We didn't like how they weren't meticulous with their clean up and post job follow up.  Whereas the company we are going with did our neighbour's house last summer and D was impressed with their demeanor and work ethic.  With any luck, this ought to be our last roof as the shingles have a lifetime warranty.

The second cost will be to repair the foundation of the cottage.  The raccoon was never captured, so a one way opening was installed in the fall (came to around $750, including clean up) and this spring, is to be replaced with concrete.  I haven't called around for a contractor yet nor have we looked into learning to do it ourselves.

The cost of the roof will be paid by stock proceeds.  One of my non registered holdings (Viterra) got bought out in Dec (finally!  It took way longer than expected) at $16.25 a share.  I bought at $11.26.  So the amount I'm left with, $8775 pretty much covers the cost of our new roof.  The cottage concrete job will be paid out of our "cottage working account".  In my mind, I'm allocating $500.

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