Saturday, December 22, 2012

Return to Munich

My usual jet lag has me up much earlier than usual.  After about 20 hr of travel we are home.  We are lucky the storms in the Midwest did not adversely affect our flights home.  There was thick fog in Amsterdam and were delayed because of it. 

It was a real treat to have been back to Munich especially this time of year.  We stayed at the same apartment and the owner greeted us with a big smile.  He went through the improvements on the apartment since our last visit and a funny moment occurred. 

A feature wall was painted in the living room, new shower head, sink etc.  We weren't expecting any changes so they were pleasant surprises.  It was the way he described the renovations that made us stop for a few seconds until we got it -- "I did some pimping in the bathroom". 

Remember those early viral ads that Volkswagen did?   

I'll be back with a review post and some photos.

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