Thursday, December 6, 2012


I had a 10 minute fit (felt much longer) the other night after coming home from art class when I thought I had lost my keys.  D drives so I usually put my wallet and keys in my art bag as back up.  My car won't lock unless the keys are out of the car whereas with D's car, you can. 

What to do at 10 pm?  I was ready to call the school to see if there was anyone in security I could talk to.  All I could think about was "How am I going to get into my office tomorrow?  Crap, a new key to my car is going to cost $$$!  OMG, someone has keys to my house, cottage and shed!  Lucky I have the ski condo keys in a different place...where are they again???"  One thing led to another and I was driving myself crazy. 

I have all my lessons on one day now.  So we started retracing my steps.  Got home from music OK.  So obviously had keys to get into the house and make it to ballet a few hours later.  And got home from ballet OK and I know I put the keys in my art bag like I have done the past 14 weeks. 

My "art bag" is actually a laptop case.  All the compartments work great for separating ruler from brushes from packs of pencils and other stuff.  My keys were in a sub compartment I didn't use.  One that was padded and velcro shut (middle) from the main ones so when I emptied and felt around, I couldn't hear or feel them.  They had dropped in there by error. 

What a mental emotional nightmare.  Losing a wallet is a big deal but losing keys would be too.  Knock on wood neither have truly gone missing.  Being more diligent will solve this problem as I cannot see a way around keeping keys together to mitigate potential loss.

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