Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recommended Documentaries

D managed to throw his back out and we took the forced down time to watch some documentaries. 

Normally he can't handle more than one or two but surprised me, partly due to him not being able to move all that well for a couple of days (luckily it was the weekend) and also because the subjects touched us both deeply. 

Books on the matter are great and I've read my share of them but seeing and hearing the issues hits home in an entirely different way.  I would highly recommend the ones below:

We are committed to doing even more to ensure we are buying products that are fair trade, ethical, organic, local and non GMO.  The above programs made us feel extremely uneasy (nauseous). 

Our budget will be changing to reflect our increased commitment to our environment and to improving the lives of our fellow humans.  I plan to elaborate a bit more on those changes in future posts. 

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