Friday, November 2, 2012

Music & Dance

Almost every thing or situation (outside of nature) I can think of can be improved with music. 

When working out, music is a must.  I choose tunes reflecting my energy level.  A couple times I didn't do that and the results were painful.  Both involved listening to much faster music than appropriate for my run. My body ran faster to match the beat and the result was I could barely crawl up or go down the stairs for the following 2 days.  D had a grand ole time laughing at me.  He doesn't need music to run.

Last art class, the instructor, who usually plays classical music during, decided to mix it up with a great album to make sketching still life palatable -- Keane's Hopes And Fears.  The first track is one of my favourites.  It made all the difference as drawing fruits and vegetables isn't the most exciting thing.   

I'm emerging from my "quiet period".  The last 7 years have been pretty devoid of music -- Playing, dancing and listening.  Too much thinking instead.  I've happily explored new areas but missed a lot of old favourites.

You may be hearing of a lot whining shortly as I will be regaining something I haven't done for decades.  A couple of my new leads came back and I got the opportunity to take private ballet and ballroom lessons!

It would be just like me to do both but having earned some wisdom over the years, I've chosen ballet.  I was doing leg stretches on our staircase in preparation while D (wearing my Afro wig and his Elvis glasses) handed out candy Wed.  The kids likely thought I was part of the whole set up.

If a 28 min library Tinkerbell Studio ballet DVD wearing me out is any sign of things to won't be pretty.  There is nowhere to hide in a studio full of mirrors wearing leotards. 

ps.  It's Snowing!!!

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