Monday, October 29, 2012


It appears my timing for having to miss a trip was a good one.  I was supposed to be heading down to NYC for a couple of nights after spending 3 days in Maine before catching my flight home.  All flights home have been cancelled for the next 2 days.  My thoughts to all the people caught in the storm.

Being mostly at home for vacation is still kinda new for me.  The longest I've ever hung out here was about a week.  And D reminded me that I told him to never let me do it again as I did too much work and not enough vacationing.  My attempt at a staycation last time wasn't very successful.  Whereas this time I am quite enjoying it.

I'm more than half way through my time off and have almost worked through the stuff that necessitated my stay in the first place.   One project I did do on the house didn't turn out so great.  It is too late in the year to wood fill and paint windows and it just isn't wanting to dry properly.  So 3+ hours down the drain as I will have to redo it next summer.

Had a couple instances where I felt a bit bored.  Didn't feel like practicing violin or piano anymore.  Art class stuff completed.  Had dinner already cooking and cleaning was under control.  Caught up on emails.  Even raked leaves a couple times.  So went back to the office to do paperwork for a few hours.  Shocking the heck out of D.

Funny thing was early on, I started feeling "guilty" for just sitting around.  During a regular work week (12 - 15 hr), I would never feel guilty on a day off even on days where I didn't feel like cleaning or making dinner.  But at zero paid work hours, I felt like I had to justify my time at home. 

That lasted for a couple of moments and has subsequently cleared.  I can get used to vacationing at home more. 

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