Friday, August 10, 2012

Socks & Heat

I hate it when I forget things and I'm hard on myself when it happens.  In my haste, I left a beloved pair of ski socks (my feet get cold on a long flight) on the plane.  Pissed off about it. 

Could have almost used them last night too as I felt cold.  After spending a couple weeks where the min temps were 33 degrees Celsius and above (no air conditioning when you travel by ferry, thank goodness for wind), home feels cool for now.  Should acclimatize back before long.

This trip, coming so close on the heels of Norway had a lot to live up to.  Because of the heat, I changed part my itinerary on the fly omitting what would have been a brutal 9 hr in the sun for a more leisurely visit back to the Dalmatian coast.  

Right now I cannot think of another reason why I would willingly travel during summer high heat season anymore.  I think I've seen all the places I want to see that are most accessible in summertime.  Happily I shall go back to my shoulder and low season trips or go far enough north or south to get cool or temperate temps. 

Glad to be back.  I am appreciating more and more the amount of space and privacy we have here in North America especially as an adult.  It's a novelty to live one on top of another for a short while when we know we can come home to 2000+ sq ft.  Long term, it would take an adjustment.  

Before you think I didn't have a good time, I did.  I'll delve more into it later.  I now know intimately why shops close between 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. 


  1. Seems to me that May is the perfect month to travel - not too hot and not too cold, and most of the kids are still in school so it's not crowded yet.

    I lost an almost new sweater when it must have fallen out of my bag in a taxi just as I arrived home. I got in in Guatemala for $15. I could replace it here for over $50 but refuse to pay that.

  2. Hi Kathy!

    I like spring too. Heck, I even go in Feb/Mar to Europe no problems. Putting on an extra layer is easier. You can only take so much off!

    It was my carelessness that bothers me the most. I know better. Plus I hate the thought of a perfectly good item going into a landfill.

  3. 13, 2012 at 11:56 AM

    I don't think I would enjoy Feb/Mar in Europe so much. You are going from Canada - you're acclimated to the cold. I'm going from Mexico, so I think it might be a bit cool for me.

  4. That's true. Europe in Feb/Mar is warmer than what we usually get. Whereas you would be experiencing at least a 20+ degree change-- big difference. It took almost the entire 2 weeks for me to get somewhat used to the heat, just in time to come home!