Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Time

September has always signified school to me.  Even now.  It's hard to lose the conditioning of so many years' worth of Septembers.

This year I'm going to do something about it. 

D has a much more developed sense of "putting myself first" than I do.  He finds the energy to go out there and do it.  He doesn't seem to let work worries and stress and mental anguish get in the way of his everyday sports and leisure activities. 

Whereas I do. 

For some reason, I need to wait until it feels right, or I have time, or when I'm going to be away to have time to sort things out before taking daily actions.  This 'holding out until...' thing isn't a real healthy way to go about day to day life and I'm finally seeing that.  There will always be something, some reason to not do something.  It has turned into my chronic excuse inertia. 

For my mental and physical well being, I need to elevate life daily in order to bridge the gap that exists between the everyday and my travel life.

So I've put it out there.

I've signed up for a studio art class at a community college and I've put the word out I'm looking for a private dance instructor -- Ballet.  The art class currently does not have enough people to run but hopefully it will fill up by the time the classes start and I'm awaiting word from the dance studio.  Fingers and toes crossed.

It feels good to take action.  It's time.


  1. Thank You!!! Taking a page out of your book... :)

    Exciting times ahead for you!

  2. Thanks! I've started working on Plan B just in case.