Monday, June 11, 2012


The Rijksmuseum is still under renovations and they are saying it will fully be open in 2013.  We were in the area looking for, a company that offers paddle boats (canal bikes) for rent after seeing a few along the Prinsengracht the day before.  The boats ended up looking a bit gross so I passed and we decided to go across the street to see what was showing at the museum.

The open gallery area is over 2 floors and tickets are at a reduced price (14 Euro) because of it.  We were fortunate there were no lines as the small space could definitely be a problem if there were school groups.  It took us barely over 1/2 hr to see all the works.  You are allowed to take pictures as long as you do not use a flash.  A lot of the paintings had what looked like a Plexiglas overlay.

After our visit, we stumbled upon a photography exhibit by Daido Moriyama.  The prints were the size of whole walls!  The grainliness made the photos look much older, as if he was using a manual camera.

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