Friday, June 22, 2012


The last 3 weeks haven't been the easiest.  I ended up with the flu the first week back from Amsterdam.  The second week I was exhausted and for the first part of this week, I was plain old tired.  The last couple of days have been much more normal feeling.

I made myself get back to working out 1 1/2 wk ago because I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired and had to do something other than lay there recuperating.  I'm not often under the weather so I don't have much patience for it.  Not having a full tank of gas just plain sucks.
Those of you who were wondering if the real MW was kidnapped and replaced by some ghost writer, the truth is I've had more than the usual amount of down time.  Thus the plethora of posts. 

I've never written so many posts about one journey before.  Always knew I had a lot to say but even I surprised myself.  Although I have already written my 'Final Thoughts.." post, I am still remembering things I forgot to include.  Oh well, can't do it all.

I had enough time to finally read the Stieg Larsson trilogy as well as see the corresponding Swedish and American movies.  Normally I much prefer foreign films but I must admit, the first American version (Rooney Mara) did a better job at developing Lisbeth's character while the Swedish version provided a more complete rendition of the story with more striking scenary and colour tones.

It was a nice feeling to be able to recognize a lot of the districts and street names of Stockholm and Sweden mentioned in the book.  Especially in the first one, where there were so many references and location descriptions, it would be disorienting to just read the words and not know where in the city or country the story was taking place.

Ok. Enough whining.  I have to pull myself together because Norway is on deck and the fun begins this weekend.  The fjords will heal me!  The electronics have been charged and I'm 70% packed.  Back in a couple of weeks to tell you all about it.

I leave you with a couple of links I find inspiring...  Paul Ferney's Artist Statement puts a smile on my face.  It's honest, short, sweet and not overly wordy or trying too hard to be smart.  When I saw Sasha Prood's work for the first time and second time and multiple times after, it took and still takes my breath away.  What a talented Woman!

Happy upcoming July 1st to my Canadian Readers and July 4th to my American Readers.


  1. Oooohhh, Norway. Jealous! L.o.v.e.d Norway (same trip as Amsterdam, '89). Fjords, mountains...Norwegian ;)

    Can't wait to see the photos and read all about it!

  2. @ Northern;

    You are funny!

    Maybe when D decides to trade me in for a 'newer model', I'll go try my luck in the Nordic countries. We'll split up, you take Norway and I'll take Finland or Iceland!

    By the way, I have a 5 hr layover in Amsterdam enroute to Norway. I'm going into the city to hang out and will remember to check out the lean on the canal houses you mentioned.

    Also, I'm so happy you and your roommate are compatible and you established clear communication right off the bat. So Smart!

  3. I'd tell D to be careful!

    It is an equal opportunity society.

    You could trade D in first!

    I've not been to the Nordic countries. Look forward to your impressions of same.

    Be safe and enjoy.

  4. Awesome blog. I enjoy reading your adventures. Enjoy Norway and don't forget to update your blog!

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