Thursday, June 7, 2012

Munich Travel Tips

  • There are 2 train lines from the airport to the main train station.  Get on either one.  The time difference between the 2 are just a handful of minutes so don't sweat it.  It will take about 45 min each way. 
  • Get your ticket at a counter as the automated ticket machines were a pain (very un-German) for us.  It took longer for me to buy 2 tickets than it would have had we just got into the line.  Note the tickets we got out of the machine were too wide for the validation machine so we took a chance and got on the train.  You are Always supposed to validate tickets as checks occur randomly and they will fine on the spot.  We didn't get caught and next time I would try folding it and sticking it in and hope it doesn't get stuck.  Otherwise I have no other ideas for you.
  • The ticketing area for the train station in Munich is not intuitive.  It is located on the far right side (if you are facing the station), to the right of the info counter (which won't face you), in its own boxed in area.  You have to take a numbered ticket and wait until your number shows up on the screen which will direct you to a counter.
  • This was our second visit to Germany, first was Berlin.  And we are starting to see the same trend.  We don't think Germans cook much in the cities.  It is near impossible to find supermarkets.  We love markets but it is handy to be able to pop into a supermarkets for stuff like water and snacks.  You are probably thinking 'how could she have room for snacks when it looks like she eats like a pig?'  To which I answer, 'there is always room for snacks', especially when they are pepperoni (spicy pepper) potato chips.  The best I've ever eaten.
  • It is also near impossible to find chicken or beef in Munich.  Pork rules.  I finally found a stall in the market that sold chicken a week after we arrived.  Duck is found on some menus as well and it was good.
  • We found the tap water to taste too much like water softener for our liking.  So we existed on sparkling mineral water.  Best deal in town, at 39 cents for 1.5L.  No way we could buy that at home.  If we were to buy still mineral water, it would have cost 19 cents.  Crazy cheap.

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