Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Generational Humour

I am interrupting my travel posts marathon because a funny thing happened the other day at work. 

Clients of mine who are in their 80's got talking about a family member who just opened a clinic up north as a Nurse Practitioner.  I commented on how smart that career choice was considering the need for medical care up north and the lack of Family Doctors plaguing Canada. 

Somehow that morphed into how old I was and how many more years I have left to work before I can start collecting my work pension. 

I don't get a work pension. 

For some reason, they believed all health care workers because of our Universal Health Care system in Canada got government pensions.  That's why they thought I could afford to work part time!? 

When I told them outside of nurses working for a hospital (unionized), teachers, fire fighters, police officers, government workers, some businesses, most people do not get pensions at all.

You mean you have to save up for your own retirement, like rrsps?


OMG, the outrage that poured out of this lovely couple.  They were indignant that I did not receive a pension.  No wonder we are losing so many health care workers to the States!   I believe they were ready to get a petition and rally going on my behalf.

Why, there are many other things you could have done that wouldn't have involved as much education that pays more and pays a pension!

Er, I'm not as sure about that.

The husband of the couple is a retired professor and his wife, like many of her generation did not have a career. They have a pretty comfortable life.

What does your husband do?  (she asks)

I tell her.

Oh, you'll be alright then dear...

Yes, I think I will be.

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