Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Musings

Recently saw the movie 50/50.  When I first heard about it, I wasn't going to watch it as I am not a huge fan of Seth Rogen.  While on vacation, I saw an interview with him about the movie and it prompted me to re-consider.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is perfect for the role.  The film is inspired by true events.  

Also just finished the book:  Marriage Confidential:  The post-romantic age of work-horse wives, royal children, undersexed spouses, & rebel couples who are rewriting the rules, by Pamala Haag.  She writes about the large numbers of "semi-happy, low stress, low conflict" marriages where the passion is gone but the costs of divorce is sometimes too high to contemplate especially when there are children involved.

I found the book disturbing and not at all humorous like some reviews describe.  Read the intro and decide for yourself.  Am wondering if I need to be worried about the marriage of the person who recommended this book to me.  Not sure if they were hoping to start a dialogue about it.  Marriages can be a touchy subject especially when you have known both parties for a long time.

Took another intro flight.  D felt I ought to give fixed wing flying another go but on a different type of plane (his attempt to prevent me from doing something rash, like sell the cottage and make him go back to driving a Toyota Tercel in order to fund my helicopter habit).  So he took me to the school he went to 10 yr ago for his intro flight as we were going to be in the area.  It was fun.  I had a young female flight instructor and she was enthusiastic.  Had I had this flight as my first, I would have gone ahead with training for sure. 

We did a lot.  I got to handle the aircraft for most of the time and even got to taxi back.  Getting a feel for the pedals was neat.  There is enough of a lag where I had to compensate for over steering so the plane weaved side to side like a drunk person walking while I was figuring it out.  I told her air traffic control is going to wonder what the heck is going on. 

In all my 3 flights, I have not been able to locate where the airport was.  Not a good thing for someone considering being a pilot.  Today I thought I saw a plane parked in what I thought was the airport. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a Home Depot...My instructor howled "awesome" when I admitted my mistake.  I just had an eye exam not long ago and I'm supposed to have 20/20 vision.  Not so sure anymore.


  1. Your future is definitely in the air! Awesome!

  2. Hi Lizzie!

    And apparently on TV too according to D. He expects I'll show up on the evening news as the one who repeatedly attempts to land a plane in the parking lot of every big box store within a 50 mile radius of an airport...:)

    By the way, I sincerely hope your tooth pain has completely subsided.