Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Movie Fun

One part of travelling a longer distance I enjoy are the in flight movies. Some airlines have better selection than others and Delta ranks right up there.

Since my 2 experiences being seated at seats where the in flight entertainment systems were bust, I now have developed a bit of anxiety with it. Ten hours+ is a long time to be strapped down without a movie, even for someone who can meditate for hours and owns a tablet and an iPod. Lucky for me, I had no issues this time.

On the way to Honolulu, I really enjoyed "Colombiana" and "Buck". "Killer Elite" was OK. Jason Statham made the movie much more enjoyable. Learned a lot from a documentary called "The Botany of Desire" based on Michael Pollan's book.

On the returned leg, I saw "Man on Fire" and "Love & Other Drugs". Both I would recommend.

We are looking forward to the summer blockbuster season.... No judging here please..."The Amazing Spiderman" (I think Andrew Garfield will be great in this role), "The Dark Knight Rises" (what can I say other than Christian Bale), "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" to name one other. "Avengers" will kick things off next week. I want to see "Thor" (OK, Chris Hemsworth's arms...) again before next Friday.

D and I finally went to see "The Hunger Games". I blew through the books prior. The 3rd one dragged a bit for me. But it could be I read them all in a day and I was getting tired. We both enjoyed the movie much more than expected. I look forward to the next one. Not sure if I would recommend it for younger kids.

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