Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hawaii Summary

My trip to Hawaii was a lot of fun.  I got a good overview of the islands and my favourites were Kauai and Maui.  Kauai for the landscape, where the helicopter photos from yesterday came from, and Maui for the vibe.  It felt young and laid back to me. 

The weather was pretty great.  The winds made such a difference to the temperature.  It was strange for me to see a 31 degree Celsius forecast and it feeling pleasant.  Doesn't exist in my neck of the woods.  But when there is no wind, you baked, which is what I'm used to.

Kona coffee is really good.  I now understand what the hype is about.  Thought Kalua pork was OK.  I think I'm just used to a stronger more bbq pull pork taste whereas Kalua pork tastes more natural.

I managed to take 6 hours of Hula and Tahitian dance lessons which was highly enjoyable and learned more about Hawaiian culture than I ever did reading a book.  Hula is not about girls with coconuts and grass skirts.  It is about telling a story with your hands while your hips are mimicking the waves of the ocean. 

No go with learning to surf.  My schedule didn't allow it.

On the way home I had layover time in San Diego so I got to explore a bit.  It was really easy to get downtown from the airport.  Cannot say I enjoyed my time there.  There was a large police presence that day due to the season opener of the Padres.  I was actually warned to watch my back. 

A highlight was Anthony's seafood restaurant by the pier.  Ate the best fried shrimp of my life.  It was so perfectly done, the middle was almost like Sashimi.  Could of easily ate my weight in it.

Forget Cessnas, I want to be a helicopter pilot...

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