Sunday, March 18, 2012


D and I finally made it up to the cottage to face the potential mess of the bag of shrimp left by mistake last fall.

I was worried it would have exploded from bacterial gases and bears would have broken in, lured by the smell of rotting seafood. We were fortunate it had just expanded with no explosion.

Now I hope there isn't a glitch with our weekly garbage pickup as it is quite warm in Ontario and it has for sure melted by now.

I'm happy to report the cottage made it through another winter with no major glitches.

We also had to stop by the airport Nexus office on the way home to get my new passport scanned into their system.

Warning to fellow Nexus users, there has been incidences where passport updates done online hasn't gotten through both systems. And I was one of them despite being assured everything was good when I called the US office.

D brought along his passport and card so we could inquire about the automatic enrollment into Global Entry available now. We were shocked to find his Nexus application hadn't shown up in the Canadian side and we had been using it for the last year...

Anyways, they took care of it and he can use Global Entry and doesn't have to got through the rigmarole I experienced at the JFK office last summer. Despite the administrative inconveniences, these programs are worth it to us.


  1. That could have been a nasty surprise for you for sure! Yikes...year-old shrimp. I can't imagine! Glad to hear it wasn't worse.

    Crazy how seemingly similar systems can miss getting information, particularly such important stuff as a Nexus card! Glad it's all sorted out without a fuss, though.

  2. I know! I was dreading it all the way up.

    Considering how tight border patrol has gotten, we were surprised with the extent of the mix up.