Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clipping Along

Aside from a pretty annoying (probably dehydration) headache, I've settled out here pretty well. Cannot say I'm motivated to do much even though the ski conditions are pretty great. It's nice to be able to the flex the "do whatever you feel like" muscle.

It takes a few days for the rest of my business banking to be completed due to the length of time required for money to be moved from one place to another to another. Yeah, it got done this morning.

I've also decided on something fun money wise. That annuity D has started paying me, for my overpayment towards the mortgage?

I'm going to take the first year of it just for myself. In all likelihood, I probably would have spent 30 - 40% of it had I not put it away so by the time the dust settles, I may end up drawing 4 yrs worth.


  1. Enjoy your ski time! Hope the weather holds and you can also get lots of apres ski time in, too! :)

  2. Thank You! I'm so grateful for time right now. Lots of stuff to sort out.