Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

We were really glad to have gone out at Christmas time. Originally the plan was to stay home and have a quieter time but this past season was the quietest we had primarily due to the economical slow down.

We experienced minor amounts of noise and just moderate crowds vs previous years where there were slews of kids running up and down the hallway. As selfish as this sounds, we enjoyed it. Tried a couple of new restaurants this year.

There were enough people to make the resort festive but not so much we got irritated. I'm sure the resort would have liked to be busier. We'll be back in about a month to help out the local economy.

Our new year's eve was spent on the plane home. We found a restaurant open for breakfast on New Year's day and ate a good meal there, followed by afternoon movies. Great way to begin another new year.

The only coming home surprise was a mailbox stuffed with mail. We paid to have our mail held (to give the illusion we are not away) so D is going to look into speaking with someone about what happened, how to prevent it, and getting our money back.


  1. Happy New Year, Middle Way! Your holiday sounds quite lovely. Health, happiness, joy, sucess and abundance to you and D in 2012! :)

  2. Hi Northern Living Allowance!

    Great to hear from you! Happy New Year to you too!!! You've had quite the journey in 2011. Thanks for the super summary.

    Your road trip sounds fabulous. There is something about spending free flow time on the road that is so therapeutic. I look forward to hearing more in 2012.