Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting Balanced

I find people who don't bother to listen and remember really frustrating to be around. All of a sudden I am in the midst of being bombarded with them.

It is really hard for me not to take it personally. The Buddhist in me says experience it, do not judge or get involved as it will pass. Deep breaths.

On a unrelated note, I had a light bulb moment this week. I suddenly realized just how much creative balance I had built into my life growing up.

The amount of music and art at that time was a saving grace to me. Art and piano lessons for 11 yrs made sure it represented a good percentage of my week and served to balance the academic stressors.

I have been without a significant creative side to my life since I started my career. This week, I actually sat down at my piano and started to play again (Chopin Nocturne). It was so enjoyable. I felt immediately the stress relief and tears of joy with finally using a different part of my brain again. 

When we were in Nice last fall, I used D's sketch book and did a quick sketch just for fun. I'm a painter at heart but had suddenly felt like drawing. It makes me really happy to see that side of me coming back.


  1. How wonderful to hear your creativity is flowing again! The urges to write and draw sometimes overwhelm me - I did these all the time as a child - but there's some (adult, proper) part of me that refuses to follow and pick up a pen or pencil. I know I just need to do it and there'll be all kinds of changes. It's like you free a part of your soul...

    Hope you continue!!

  2. @ Northern Living Allowance;

    Me too! And I hope you get to a point where you feel ready to pick up that pen or pencil. That day will come. It took a while for me. Given the chance, balance finds a way to find us again.

  3. It's amazing to get back into the things that brought you joy as a kid. I was heavily into music my whole childhood/adolescence, so much so that people were shocked when I didn't study music in university. I then went 11 years in school (got my PhD-I'm not a slacker who took her sweet time!) and didn't participate in any musical pursuits (beyond singing carols at Christmas) that whole time. Since I've been done, I've sung with a choir for the past few years. It's amazing how it recharges me. I describe it the same way-as using a different part of my brain. I hope enjoy continuing in your artistic/musical hobbies :)

  4. @ psychsarah;

    Thanks! I just found out about an art school near our cottage which offers weekend workshops. A few has leaped out at me so I'm excited to give it a go.

    What type of songs do you sing?