Saturday, January 7, 2012

D's First Prepayment

D's post tax bonus showed up today and we are pretty happy about it despite the large tax bite (about half). Once the 2012 tax season rolls around, we'll get some of it back from the overpayment.

We applied most of it (I like round numbers) to "the car portion" of the mortgage. I prefer to keep the two separate in my mind. It was D's first prepayment experience and he now knows what it feels like to make a decent dent into the number. He liked it.

There was some back and forth as D debated whether he could afford the time off to come with me to Hawaii. In the end, he didn't want to use up so many holiday days (11) for this trip (Hawaii is not in his top places to see) so he is holding out to see where I go next 'cause he's pretty sure there will be another.

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