Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clean Up Continues

Continuing in the spirit of clean up, I called a couple of places to put a stop to flyer delivery to our house, hopefully starting this week.

The process was simple enough. They ask for your name and number and tell you it is instant -- Fingers crossed!

When we go away for a couple of weeks, we pay to put a hold on our mail. But the flyers and local papers keep coming so you end up coming home to a full mailbox.

I guess we can ask someone to come by to pick up mail and flyers and when we had in house cat sitting, that wasn't an issue. Now that we don't, it has become an issue.

I don't like anyone having access to my house, even for checking purposes. Strange, you are probably thinking, but I don't. We don't have anyone check in on our other places either.

I figure I'll just deal with whatever comes.

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