Friday, December 2, 2011

What the Heck?

Are you serious?! I asked my computer when it started to not like the 2nd new battery yesterday.

I'm going to keep it plugged in and charging even though it isn't really charging to see if things snap magically back to life. Not impressed.

There are 5 more work days until holidays so I'm not going to worry about it. The computer is usable when plugged in. So I'll just have to bring the charger with me to work until I figure out what to do next.

Just put the old battery in and it likes it...what the heck?

End of year is exciting for me from a bookkeeping perspective. I get to see soon whether I owe tax or not. Last year's projections were pretty much spot on. I got about $61 back from the government.

I'm expecting next year's income to be smaller so I'll be happy to cut back on my quarterly tax payments/savings.


  1. I've been following the long saga of your battery woes. All situations are different, so I'm not trying to pretend I have any idea what's going on with your system, but I did wonder whether there might be something wrong with the battery controller functionality, either in the battery itself or in the computer.

    I had a problem with a laptop battery a couple of years ago when the battery starting losing its ability to hold a charge. Instead of just running out of power sooner, it started doing all sorts of bizarre stuff, like making the computer run really slow or forcing reboots. I learned that newer batteries aren't just dumb power generators. Apparently they sometimes have controller and communications stuff embedded in the battery pack. So if something goes haywire with the battery, it's more like you have a faulty peripheral hooked up to your computer, rather than just a low battery.

  2. Hi S. B.;

    Thank you for your insights. I had no idea batteries weren't just batteries anymore.

    I'm afraid it is a problem with my computer and am not keen on having to deal with HP again.

    What did you end up doing with your laptop? Was it under warranty when this happened? Was it expensive timewise and moneywise to fix? Did you deal with the manufacturer or enlist the help of an independent?

  3. Middle Way, I didn't really have a great experience dealing my battery either. I dealt with the manufacturer and it was not under warranty. Once we determined the battery was the culprit, I simply removed the battery entirely from the system and everything has worked fine since then. Of course, now I essentially have a desktop, but at least it doesn't take up much space!

  4. Hi S.B.;

    Sorry to hear your solution wasn't a complete one. I'm going to try working without the battery and see what happens. Would never have thought of that if it weren't for you sharing your experiences. Thank you!