Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It is back on the non dairy, non egg business for D and I. We did "cheat" while away.

I resisted for about 3 days and I started nibbling on corners of the pain au chocolat which led to entire ones as well as croissants eaten. I also had a couple of cafe cremes and tiramisu. D went all out and enjoyed every bite.

He was given this supplement to counteract the effects of eating dairy after being off of it for a while. It is really ironic that having eaten it all his life with no pain, after being off of it for 6 weeks has meant stomach cramps now.

I didn't get any pain myself but after a particularly heavy dairy day, I decided to take one of his pills just in case. Well, that was a mistake because I broke out in hives all over my back.

It took 2 days of anti histamines to get rid of it. D had no issues so I don't know what happened with me. Needless to say I will not be partaking in those pills again.

Curiosity almost took out the cat.

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