Monday, October 17, 2011

Wheels and Deals

I've been sourcing out rims and winter tires for my car. D worked on it while I was away. The best price for aftermarket rims and good tires are in the $3200 range new.

I found a couple of online ads yesterday for used OEM rims with really good condition tires for $2200 - $2700. We are hoping to make an appointment to see them this weekend. And hoping they don't sell before we get there. They are 3 hrs away but we will be heading that way on Sat.

D just made a fairly large purchase -- A road bike. That's what we will be picking up this weekend. He has friends who are heavily into long distance racing and D is hoping to join in for next season. Next thing you know he'll be doing triathlons. Guess my pack muling days aren't over just yet.

We tried our hand at making Turkish coffee last night using the Cezve and coffee I brought home. It was too watery compared to what I had so we'll need to keep at it. D is loving the Turkish delight (pomegranate and pistachio) as well as the roasted pistachio nuts.

I was a bit worried as to whether they would allow me to bring the snacks back to the country because on our customs declaration form, it did mention nuts but in the end I believe it meant raw nuts vs processed. I was all ready to eat them up right there if it wasn't allowed. The nuts cost 90 TL a kilo and I had 1/2 kilo in my possession!


  1. I am not sure if Turkish coffee is the same as Greek and Arabic but I am guessing it cant be that different.
    After you have mixed coffee and water (and sugar if needed) bring it to the boil, then remove it from the heat and let it settle. Do that two more times. You really need a special kind of long handled metal cup and preferable an open gas flames.
    Good luck and keep an eye on your cholesterol!

  2. Hi Lizzie!

    It sounds exactly the same! I don't think I'm using high enough heat because it isnt' boiling up as much as it is supposed to. I did buy the copper cezve and we have a gas range so it is just user error right now!