Thursday, August 18, 2011

Solo Travel 2

I ended up sitting beside a somewhat strange guy in his late 40's on the way home from LHR.

My senses tell me he is an adult with attention deficit issues though not apparent at first because he was dressed quite business like and well. Nice shoes, watch, sweater, shirt.

Had all the tech equipment, ipod, noise cancelling headphones, blackberry. Was eating sushi. Didn't return a hello. I thought oh well, not everyone is friendly, no big deal.

Then the fidgeting started. Things were knocked over. Things were dropped. Being that he was in the window seat and tall, there weren't a lot of room to maneuver around when looking for that pencil.

Managed to unplug my headset and throw garbage on my side twice. He did apologize. I had to help him turn his reading light on because on this plane it was done using the touch screen and he was literally overturning everything looking for a button on the seat arm. He did thank me.

Wouldn't stop moving. Watched a movie and read the paper and did a sudoko puzzle all at once. Ate 2 chocolate bars and half a bag of gummy worms and the complementary meal and snacks in record time. No alcohol though I think it could have helped. :) I was just hoping his main meal didn't end up on my lap.

Wouldn't put tray table up during take off and landing. Wouldn't wear his seat belt. Wouldn't stop listening to his ipod during take off and landing. Almost left his blackberry in the seat pocket. Then took off like a bullet upon arrival.

My strangest plane encounter yet. I'm glad it was on the flight home because I wasn't trying to sleep. Instead I watched 3 1/2 movies.

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